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Lighthouse3 is a digital, social media and mobile consulting agency based in San Francisco Bay Area. Our passion and expertise is helping our clients be efficient, innovative and compete effectively in the online space by optimizing their internal organization structure and processes. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies and pre-IPO startups.

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Our Services



In this world of always-on users and instant feedback, we build comprehensive strategies and plans to help global companies successfully compete in the social, mobile and digital space.


Process Improvements

We help companies be efficient, innovative and competitive by optimizing their internal organization structure and processes.


Community Management

We help our clients set up scalable community management operations designed to grow their community, increase customer engagement and drive higher conversions.


Content Creation

Our talented team helps companies create, curate and deliver share-worthy content that’s relevant to the business and compelling for users.


Technology Integration

With years of experience integrating complex technologies, our consultants can help your team automate solutions and realize your goals quickly


Project Management

Our project management clients include fortune 500 companies so whether it’s launching your social media campaign or building a new mobile app, our experienced team can help.

Our Methodology

Phase I - Audit & Research

In this phase we review the current digital and social media presence for the brand. We analyze the content creation and community management processes to determine what’s working and what’s not. This phase includes assessment of content sources along with processes for distribution of this content. We conduct interviews with key stakeholders to understand their social media needs and incorporate that into our analysis.

Phase II - Strategy & Planning

We use the findings from the Audit & Research stage to build a social media strategy, which is clearly aligned to the business objectives. This stage also includes a comprehensive plan clearly outlining the steps to achieve the strategy. The plan will include recommendations for processes, resource allocation, measurement framework and governance model.

Phase III - Delivery & Execution

This is a key phase and the final step in our process where we staff the execution team with talent, line up the necessary resources and start implementing the plan. This phase includes creation, distribution of content and performance measurement.