How to Design Exceptional UX and CX

How to Design Exceptional UX and CX
February 10, 2017 LH3_Admin

Yesterday I gave a presentation on “How to design exceptional UX and CX” at the Product Management & Innovation summit here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I talked about the changing design norms, the dramatic shift in customer expectations and the key trends like AI, IOT, etc. that brands need to be aware of. You can view the short version of my talk below.

The 5 key things to keep in mind:

#1 Start your design planning by talking to your customers before, during and gathering feedback after implementation

#2 Break down silos and collaborate with cross-functional teams to create integrated experiences that are consistent at every touch point

#3 Hire experts who have experience as well as expertise in designing great experiences

#4 Innovate by using data and test new innovative experiences, new technologies like AI, VR

#5 Be willing to fail and try again

[slideshare id=59614846&doc=designinguxandcxshortversion-160316035945]