Next Era of Transportation: Autonomous Vehicles and Drones

Next Era of Transportation: Autonomous Vehicles and Drones
February 19, 2018 LH3_Admin

Image Credit: Paul Noth

Here are the key takeaways from our January Meetup on “Next Era of Transportation: Autonomous Vehicles and Drones“. Despite claims of full autonomy and advances made so far, it seems like we are still some ways away from having fully autonomous vehicles on the road any time soon.

Why Tesla’s autopilot can’t see a stopped firetruck

Car manufacturers are trying to find the best combination of LiDAR, RADAR and cameras to deliver best performance but cost is a factor.

Augmented vs. Autonomous driving

Some contend that augmenting driver skills may be the smarter alternative to completely eliminating humans from the driver function.

This drone learned to fly thanks to driverless cars

Drones are also benefiting from advances in self-driving such as GPS data.

Each year, the number of states considering legislation related to AVs has gradually increased

Laws and regulations are slow to keep up with the pace of technology. Individual states are picking up the slack in lieu of federal standards

Delivery robots: a revolutionary step or sidewalk-clogging

Autonomous vehicles also include delivery robots but not everyone is thrilled about sharing the sidewalks with these little robots.


This video by Prof. Stuart Russell at UC Berkeley highlighting the dangers of killer robots quickly went viral.