Lighthouse3 is a strategic advisory firm that helps global organizations innovate responsibly with AI & emerging technologies.

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Founded by Mia Shah-Dand, inspired by resilient lighthouses dotting the California coast, Lighthouse3 helps organizations successfully navigate the disruptive waves of new technologies. Mia is exceptionally skilled and experienced in bringing together diverse stakeholders to build large scale programs at the intersection of technology, business, and governance. She inspires her audience to think more deeply about the critical topics of diversity and ethics in emerging technologies. She helps clients connect the dots between theory of technology solutions and reality of implementing them responsibly on a global scale.


Lighthouse3 works with mid to large-size companies in technology, financial services, and cybersecurity space to help them train their workforce, vet new tools, and deploy nascent technologies responsibly. We host workshops for cross-functional teams with a special focus on non-technical professionals from HR, Finance, Risk, Compliance, and Legal departments so they can make well-informed decisions related to emerging technology adoption and deployment in their organizations.

Our short-term projects include conducting stakeholder surveys, workshops (for internal and external audience), and strategy development. We also support long-term projects across the technology adoption lifecycle including RFP/RFI development, vendor selection, onboarding, stakeholder training, governance, and sunsetting of legacy systems.


We partner with large tech companies and startups to host workshops, podcasts, webinars, and in-person educational events. We also co-create informative content with industry leaders and curate relevant resources from experts as part of our effort to build a well-informed, diverse, and multi-disciplinary tech community.

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