We help global organizations innovate responsibly.

Lighthouse3 is a strategic research advisory firm based in Oakland, California that helps global brands innovate responsibly with AI & emerging technologies.

Our name: We are inspired by our love of the beautiful lighthouses along the California coast and see our role as a beacon of light helping organizations successfully navigate the disruptive waves of new technologies.

Our approach: We take a diversity-first approach to every project and firmly believe that inclusion of diverse perspectives is the only way to avoid ethical blind spots.

Our work: We conduct custom research, deliver training/workshops, host thought leadership events, help with vendor selection, provide helpful resources to help you successfully and responsibly deploy your emerging technology programs.We also welcome sponsors for our diversity & inclusion initiatives, which are part of our mission to increase representation of marginalized communities in the tech industry. Our clients include Fortune 5000 companies as well as pre-IPO startups.

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