A New Colonial World Order

A New Colonial World Order
April 27, 2022 LH3_Admin

This is an excerpt from AI Ethics Weekly issue dated April 22, 2022. 

As mask mandates are being abandoned recklessly and COVID-19 cases continue to surge, please stay healthy and safe during this ongoing pandemic. 

Privacy is dead as it turns out video doorbell cameras can record audio from 20 to 25 feet away according to Consumer Reports, schools are using Intel AI to monitor student emotions on Zoom, and democracies around the world are spying on their own citizens. On the other hand, this article [behind paywall] offers insights on privacy from the perspective of engineers building technology products at Apple.

MIT Technology Review’s new AI Colonialism series explores the parallels between AI development and the colonial past by examining communities that have been profoundly changed by the technology. The first in this series shows how South Africa’s private surveillance machine is fueling a digital apartheid and the second shares the horrific tale of data labeling industry in Venezuela, “a lifeline for those without any other options” but which has also “left them vulnerable to exploitation in the ongoing race to offer increasingly low-cost services to Silicon Valley.”

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