AI Ethics Weekly – Dec 10, 2019: A Harvard Geneticist’s Goal, Out of Control Algorithms, When Binary Code Won’t Accommodate Non-binary People

AI Ethics Weekly – Dec 10, 2019: A Harvard Geneticist’s Goal, Out of Control Algorithms, When Binary Code Won’t Accommodate Non-binary People
December 9, 2019 LH3_Admin

Here is your weekly round up of the latest developments in AI Ethics. 

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This is our last issue for 2019 and we’ll be back in 2020. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season! 

When Binary Code Won’t Accommodate Non-binary People
h/t @merbroussard
“Many computer scientists and engineers are personally and professionally committed to the gender binary and cisgender, heterosexual norms. Over and over again, we have seen technical problems arise because the people designing computer systems were committed to replicating a rigid, retrograde status quo.” Read more.

The Silicon Valley Finale’s Critical Failure (spoiler alert)
h/t @david_gunkel
“But in dismissing tech ethics and the related academic field as a big, useless joke, populated by the likes of failed tech execs like Belson and Hendricks, the show makes its most cynical assessment—that there is no ethical way to develop technology and that the only solution to the technological challenges facing us today is to destroy technologies like the Pied Piper algorithm.” Read more.

A Harvard Geneticist’s Goal
h/t @nyledimarco
“A geneticist at Harvard Medical School is working on a dating app that matches users based on their DNA. The goal: to eliminate all genetic diseases.” This development has raised concerns about similarities with the infamous Nazi eugenics program. Read more.

Not Enough Control on Algorithms
h/t @DorotheaBaur
“Ethical guidelines, lists of frameworks and ethical boards are popping up left and right. But there is still isn’t enough control on AI, says professor and AI expert Noel Sharkey in an interview with Deloitte. “It’s about very high-level things. Be fair, be just. But what does that exactly mean? It needs to come down to the application.”  Read more.

Microsoft tech expert warns of bias and sexism in artificial intelligence
h/t @kobotic 
“Ms Rich pointed to online searches for jobs where the term ‘CEO’ displays 11 per cent women and said while this may be accurate in terms of the number of women CEOs it means algorithms are only surfacing executive job positions to men.” Read more.


Diversity + Ethics in AI
h/t @MiaD
It’s official! “100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics” for 2020 is live. Download the Diversity + AI Ethics report for 2020, which includes the list of “100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics” Read more.

AI For Good Global Summit
h/t @ITU_AIForGood
“The 2020 AI for Good Global Summit invites ALL stakeholders to bring AI solutions to meet the UN SDGs Apply now to be a speaker, innovator or sponsor!” Read more.

Google Research is looking for a UX Manager and UX Researcher for the TensorFlow ecosystem
h/t @eldrprada
“The manager can come from any UX discipline (like designer, prototyper, or researcher) and would lead the new TensorFlow UX team. Apply here and specify your interest in Google Research.” Read more.