AI Ethics Weekly – Feb 16: Just Because Big Tech Can, Should It?

AI Ethics Weekly – Feb 16: Just Because Big Tech Can, Should It?
February 15, 2021 LH3_Admin

Innovation for the sake of innovation is being peddled as a necessary societal good by big tech and could ultimately lead to the downfall of humanity.

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Listening to Black Women: The Innovation Tech Can’t Crack
h/t Sydette Harry @Blackamazon
“Tech journalism exists, in theory, to address these problems by holding the industry accountable, through access and insight. Compounding the problem, however, is that Black people have historically been considered neither the authors nor the audience of tech journalism.”

Who Should Stop Unethical AI?
h/t Casey Fiesler @cfiesler
“Many kinds of researchers—biologists, psychologists, anthropologists, and so on—encounter checkpoints at which they are asked about the ethics of their research. This doesn’t happen as much in computer science.”
How computers see us: Microsoft Fellow working to curb discrimination by AI
h/t Morgan Klaus Scheuerman @morganklauss
“Scheuermann’s own research has shown, although the systems are adept at identifying cisgender women (those assigned female at birth and identifying as such) or cisgender men, they falter when faced with people who don’t neatly fit those binary categories.”

The Physician’s Conundrum
h/t Mia Shah-Dand @MiaD
“Tasking physicians with presenting to patients decisions that have been made by unexplainable AI/ML systems places an untenable moral burden on physicians. It is unethical for a physician to speculatively interpret the system’s output for the patient.”

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