AI Ethics Weekly – July 6: It’s time for a reality check, y’all!

AI Ethics Weekly – July 6: It’s time for a reality check, y’all!
July 5, 2021 LH3_Admin

When you look past the spin and hype, the reality of AI isn’t all that pretty.

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A Black woman sitting in a room talking

Fired by Bot: Amazon Turns to Machine Managers And Workers Are Losing Out
h/t Frank Pasquale @FrankPasquale
Contract drivers say algorithms terminate them by email—even when they have done nothing wrong.

Google reports soaring attrition among Black women
h/t Lavina
Workers identifying as “Black+” or “Latinx+” left Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) Google at higher rates last year than in 2019, the company said on Thursday in its latest annual diversity report, highlighting a persistent challenge to growing representation.

Amazon’s Cost Saving Routing Algorithm Makes Drivers Walk Into Traffic
h/t Lauren Kaori Gurley @LaurenKGurley
Amazon research scientists design the algorithms that determine the routes of drivers who deliver its packages. “It’s fucking horrendous, honestly,” an Amazon delivery driver in Grand Rapids, Michigan who quit in May told Motherboard.

In 2020, Facebook, Google, and other tech giants pledged $3.8 billion
h/t Katharine Schwab @kschwabable
Together in partnership with Fast Company, we (The Plug @tpinsights) set out to try to understand—through data and first-person accounts—if anything really changed. How have the lives of Black tech workers, users, and citizens been altered by the bold commitments these companies made?

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