AI Ethics Weekly – May 18: Trust me. I am an Expert.

AI Ethics Weekly – May 18: Trust me. I am an Expert.
May 17, 2020 LH3_Admin

The constant flood of (mis)information is also adding to our chronic stress and anxiety. In our quest to help you deal with information overload, this week we have compiled a shortlist of harms, top ethical issues in AI, and potential solutions from credible sources. Drop us a note and let us know how you are navigating these strange times.

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Can you trust this?

Science v misinformation: A battle for public health via Ipfconline @ipfconline1
“The Covid-19 pandemic is also a science communication crisis, and misinformation is too often gaining the upper hand, writes Elaine Burke @CriticalRedPen. Now, more than ever, the challenge of effective science communication has huge implications on public health and the consequences of failing are dire.” Read more.

JetBlue Founder David Neeleman Helped Fund The Stanford Coronavirus Antibody Study via Mia Dand @MiaD
A Stanford whistleblower complaint alleges that the controversial John Ioannidis study failed to disclose important financial ties and ignored scientists’ concerns that their antibody test was inaccurate.” Read more.

Our Weird Behavior During the Pandemic is Messing with AI models via Virginia Dignum @vdignum
“Machine-learning models trained on normal human behavior are now finding that normal has changed, and some are no longer working as they should.” Read more.

Who is being harmed?

Cyber Civil Rights in the Time of COVID-19 via Evan Selinger @EvanSelinger
“As the role of technology in our daily lives has increased, it has become clear that civil rights protections are as necessary in virtual spaces as in physical ones. This reality has perhaps never been more apparent than today, as so many of our crucial activities shift online in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Read more.

AI, Robots, and Ethics in the Age of COVID-19 via Theo – @psb_dc
“There are many critical considerations we have to make before we become more reliant on AI and robots during the pandemic. First, as society’s adoption and comfort level increases, organizations need to be mindful that the opportunities for bias that we know exist in AI are still a concern.” Read more.

Who is benefiting? 

How Big Tech Plans to Profit from the Pandemic via Valentine Goddard @vavacolor
“As the coronavirus continues to kill thousands each day, tech companies are seizing the opportunity to extend their reach and power. Against a harrowing backdrop of mass death, (tech) is being sold to us on the dubious promise that these technologies are the only possible way to pandemic-proof our lives, the indispensable keys to keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe.” Read more.

The US job market had its worst month in history, but Apple and Amazon are still hiring via Mia Dand @MiaD
“The coronavirus put at least 33 million people out of work and pushed unemployment to 14.7%. But so far much of Silicon Valley has been spared. The relatively rosy picture for big tech further illustrates our growing dependence on some of the biggest players as we weather this lockdown. It’s also in stark contrast to the situation faced by the rest of the world…” Read more.

What will keep us safe? 

What ethical principles are guiding app development over time?
Luciano Floridi @Floridi shares their letter to the NHS as Ethics Advisory Board setting up the principles for an ethical Coronavirus App + the Government’s response, to establish the best ethical framework for a successful app. Read more.

How can AI help? 

Facebook tackles coronavirus misinformation, hateful memes with AI “Facebook has been doubling down on artificial intelligence to detect coronavirus misinformation and hate speech, but the social network is finding machines can have a tough time identifying offensive content online.” Read more.

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