AI Ethics Weekly – May 25: It’s Time For Change

AI Ethics Weekly – May 25: It’s Time For Change
May 25, 2021 LH3_Admin

As we slowly make our way out of the pandemic, it’s time to think about what kind of world we want to live in. This week’s issue is dedicated to George Floyd, a fatal victim of police brutality on May 25, 2020.

Group of folks at press conference for George Floyd

On a personal note: We’ve worked relentlessly through the past year, struggled with heartbreak, loss of family members, and dealt with emotional as well as health challenges. Throughout these tough times, we’ve supported our community the best we could through helpful resources and events. There are 3 important things I’ve personally learned from this past year. First is to always make time for self-care, second is to have empathy for others, and remember that every minute with our loved ones is precious. On that note, we are taking a short break this summer. From June-August, you will receive this newsletter on 1st Tuesdays and we’ll pick up our weekly cadence in September 2021. We’ll still be around on email, Twitter, and Instagram if you want to say hi 🙂

Take care, be safe, and stay healthy!

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Big Tech Alert

Google’s New Dermatology App Wasn’t Designed for People With Darker Skin
h/t Toby Walsh @TobyWalsh
“The company trained the system to recognize different skin conditions. But like Google itself, the app’s data has a diversity problem.” Read more.

Amid intensifying criticism, Google faces a turning point
h/t Pinna Pierre @pierrepinna
“The mounting internal and external forces of large-scale intentional opt-outs, labor organizing, meaningful consequences, active resistance, and regulatory action pose a serious transformative threat to Google” Read more.

Google Unit DeepMind Tried—and Failed—to Win AI Autonomy From Parent
“Senior managers at Google AI unit DeepMind have been negotiating for years with the parent company for more autonomy, seeking an independent legal structure for the sensitive research they do. DeepMind told staff late last month that Google called off those talks.” Read more.

Sheikh Jarrah: Facebook and Twitter systematically silencing protests, deleting evidence
h/t EFF @EFF
“Facebook and Twitter are systematically silencing users protesting and documenting the evictions of Palestinian families from their homes in the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem.” Read more.

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