AI Ethics Weekly – Sept 21: More Dystopian S*** We Didn’t Ask for

AI Ethics Weekly – Sept 21: More Dystopian S*** We Didn’t Ask for
September 20, 2021 LH3_Admin

The tsunami of unethical misdeeds by big tech, with Facebook leading the way, continues to overwhelm and frustrate everyone.

Throwing computer away

Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley’s Pursuit of Power: Excerpt
h/t No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen @NoLieWithBTC
“Thiel later told a confidant that Zuckerberg came to an understanding with Kushner during the meal. Facebook, he promised, would continue to avoid fact-checking po­litical speech — thus allowing the Trump campaign to claim whatever it wanted. If the company followed through on that promise, the Trump administra­tion would lay off on any heavy-handed regulations.” Read more.

Russia funded Facebook and Twitter investments through Kushner investor
h/t suburban mom Ⓥ first generation @Suburbanmom37
“Two Russian state institutions with close ties to Vladimir Putin funded substantial stakes in Twitter and Facebook through an investor who later acquired an interest in a Jared Kushner venture, leaked documents reveal.” Read more.

Facebook’s VIP ‘Whitelist’ Reveals Two Big Problems
h/t Cathy O’Neil @mathbabedotorg
“Facebook has a couple big problems when it comes to filtering out the often misleading and dangerous stuff that users post on the social network. First, its artificial intelligence doesn’t work. Second, the company doesn’t want to admit this, because hiring humans to do proper moderation would undermine its business model.” Read more.

Why Facebook is using Ray-Ban to stake a claim on our faces
“How will we feel going about our lives in public, knowing that at any moment the people around us might be wearing stealth surveillance technology? People have recorded others in public for decades, but it’s gotten more difficult for the average person to detect, and Facebook’s new glasses will make it harder still, since they resemble and carry the Ray-Ban brand.” Read more.

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