AI Ethics Weekly – April 20: Black Mirror is a Reality Show

AI Ethics Weekly – April 20: Black Mirror is a Reality Show
April 20, 2021 LH3_Admin

Every day we find new evidence that shows the dystopian technology of the future may already be here.

Throwing computer away

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Revealed: the Facebook loophole that lets world leaders deceive and harass their citizens
h/t Mia Shah-Dand @MiaD
“With 2.8 billion users, Facebook plays a dominant role in the political discourse of nearly every country in the world. But the platform’s algorithms and features can be manipulated to distort political debate.” Read more.

See If Your Police Used Facial Recognition Tech from Clearview AI
h/t Ryan Mac @RMac18
“Search through BuzzFeed News’ database to find out if the police department in your community is among the hundreds of taxpayer-funded entities that used Clearview AI’s facial recognition.” Read more.

Google is poisoning its reputation with AI researchers
h/t James Vincent @jjvincent
“Google has worked for years to position itself as a responsible steward of AI. But now its reputation has been badly, perhaps irreversibly damaged, just as the company is struggling to put a politically palatable face on its empire of data.” Read more.

Tech whistleblowers like Timnit Gebru can’t just move on
h/t issie lapowsky @issielapowsky
“At a time of unprecedented worker activism in tech and increased scrutiny on the industry, tech whistleblowers’ stories have recently been met with public praise and admiration from fellow tech workers and tech critics who want to see powerful tech companies held accountable for their actions. But that early outpouring of support can mask a litany of costs tech whistleblowers bear.” Read more.

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