AI Ethics Weekly – April 13: From Racist Bro Culture to Surveillance Nation

AI Ethics Weekly – April 13: From Racist Bro Culture to Surveillance Nation
April 12, 2021 LH3_Admin

Our hearts go out to victims of racism, gun violence, and police brutality in America ❤️

–Mia Shah-Dand and Lighthouse3 Team

A Black couple discussing racial issues and parenting

There’s growing evidence that a racist, sexist tech culture leads to unethical AI that is especially harmful to women.

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Black women, AI, and overcoming historical patterns of abuse
h/t Khari Johnson @kharijohnson
according to the Abuse and Misogynoir Playbook, published earlier this year by a trio of MIT researchers, Amazon’s attempt to smear two Black women AI researchers and discredit their work follows a set of tactics that have been used against Black women for centuries.” Read more.

Google AI scientist Bengio resigns after colleagues’ firings: Email
h/t Dr. ir Johannes Drooghaag (JD) @DrJDrooghaag
“Google research manager Samy Bengio said on Tuesday he was resigning, according to an internal email seen by Reuters, in a blow to the Alphabet Inc unit after the firings of his colleagues who questioned paper review and diversity practices.” Read more.

Google’s cookieless ad targeting proposal under fire for discriminatory potential
h/t Chris Brind @brindy
“as testing of the AI-based technique gets underway here in the U.S. and elsewhere, concerns within tech, academic and even U.S. government circles have grown regarding the potential discriminatory and harmful impacts of FLoC.” Read more.

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