AI Ethics Weekly – April 6: What Fresh Hell is This?

AI Ethics Weekly – April 6: What Fresh Hell is This?
April 5, 2021 LH3_Admin

Every single day technosolutionists around the world hit a new low in bias, privacy, and human rights violations, all under the guise of innovation.

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ScatterLab’s Lee-Luda chatbot scandal shows the threat AI presents to privacy
h/t Shannon Vallor @ShannonVallor
“This revelation emerged when the chatbot began exposing people’s names, nicknames, and home addresses in its responses. The company admitted that its developers “failed to remove some personal information depending on the context.”

MIT study finds ‘systematic’ labeling errors in popular AI benchmark datasets
h/t Shea Brown @sheabrownethics
“While labeled data is usually equated with ground truth, datasets can — and do — contain errors. The processes used to construct corpora often involve some degree of automatic annotation or crowdsourcing techniques that are inherently error-prone.”

Your ‘smart home’ is watching – and possibly sharing your data with the police
h/t Mairtín Cunneen @EmergTechEthics
“Smart-home devices like thermostats and fridges may be too smart for comfort – especially in a country with few laws preventing the sale of digital data to third parties.”

AI experts warn Facebook’s anti-bias tool is ‘completely insufficient’
h/t Stewart Rogers @TheRealSJR
“This tool just confirms that the garbage you’ve gotten out is consistent with the garbage you’ve put in,” he said. “In order to fix these bigger problems, Facebook needs to address the garbage part.””

Six Unexamined Premises Regarding Artificial Intelligence and National Security
h/t AI Now Institute @AINowInstitute
“On March 1st, the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) released its Final Report and Recommendations to the President and Congress. While the Report is the outcome of an extended period of discussion and consultation, the Commission’s recommendations rest upon a set of unexamined, and highly questionable, assumptions.”

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