AI Ethics Weekly – Mar 30: Trying Desperately to Get Unstuck

AI Ethics Weekly – Mar 30: Trying Desperately to Get Unstuck
March 29, 2021 LH3_Admin

As we keep sinking deeper into the unethical AI quagmire,we need to figure out a way to get out while we still have a chance.

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Google offered a professor $60,000, but he turned it down. Here’s why
h/t Timnit Gebru @timnitGebru
Stark is among a growing number of people in academia who are citing the exits of Gebru and Mitchell for recent decisions to forfeit funding or opportunities provided by the company. Some AI conference organizers are rethinking having Google as a sponsor.

AI: Ghost workers demand to be seen and heard
h/t Scott Robbins AKA Boring AI @Boring_AI
Alongside the scientists, there are thousands of low-paid workers whose job it is to classify and label data – the lifeblood of such systems. But increasingly there are questions about whether these so-called ghost workers are being exploited.

Antiracism, technology and artificial intelligence in Brazil: a chat at Mozfest [In Portuguese]
h/t Nina da Hora – Nina de la Huera @ninadhora
What are the main questions about anti-racism in technology in Brazil? To answer these questions, the Mozilla festival called for collaborations from developers, activists and researchers from all over the country in a session called “Antiblack Racism, Technology and AI in Brazil”.

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