AI Ethics Weekly – Dec 7: The Great AI Ethics Dumpster Fire

AI Ethics Weekly – Dec 7: The Great AI Ethics Dumpster Fire
December 7, 2020 LH3_Admin

The firing of eminent and beloved AI Ethics scholar, Dr.Timnit Gebru reveals the hypocrisy of big tech AI Ethics initiatives

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We’re back after a brief hiatus for our annual 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics™ summit. When we started planning for this event, I never imagined that we would be talking about the firing of one of the most preeminent and beloved AI scholars of our times. Timnit Gebru’s contribution to ethics and diversity in AI is immeasurable. It is unconscionable that any company would so blatantly abuse its privilege and power with zero accountability. It is wrong and it is unacceptable.
We stand with Black women. We stand on the side of what’s right. We stand with Timnit. To be silent is to be complicit.

In solidarity,
Mia Shah-Dand

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The AI Ethics Smokescreen

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