AI Ethics Weekly – Dec 14: Misogyny – The Pre-Existing Condition in Academia and Big Tech

AI Ethics Weekly – Dec 14: Misogyny – The Pre-Existing Condition in Academia and Big Tech
December 14, 2020 LH3_Admin

This is our last newsletter for 2020 as we take a break for the holidays. We urge all our readers to stop the scourge of racism and misogyny that has infested every part of our society. If you see something wrong – say something and do something before it destroys another promising life.  Stay safe, be healthy, and take care of each other! <3

You must be kidding me

This holiday season, please consider donating to Women in AI Ethics™, a fiscally sponsored project of the Social Good Fund, a California nonprofit corporation and registered 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to increase recognition, representation, and empowerment of brilliant women working hard to save humanity from the dark side of AI. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and used to provide free AI Ethics career resources, hosting community events, and funding other initiatives to support talented women and non-binary folks in this space.

Timnit Gebru: Google’s ‘dehumanizing’ memo paints me as an angry Black woman
h/t Khari Johnson @kharijohnson
In an interview with VentureBeat on Wednesday, Gebru talked about toxic workplace culture in Big Tech, ethics washing, keeping AI research free from corporate influence. Read more.

The Far-Reaching Impact of Dr. Timnit Gebru
h/t Sherrilyn Ifill @Sifill_LDF
Dr. Timnit Gebru’s contributions range from circuit design at Apple to computer vision research at Stanford to her global leadership in AI Ethics. Read more.

Google showed us the danger of letting corporations lead AI research
h/t Theo – 劉䂀曼 @psb_dc
in the first week of December, the conglomerate illustrated how the river of corporate money flowing into AI in all those fields can come at the cost of lower standards for transparency and accountability. Read more.

On Google And Intellectual Freedom
h/t Timnit Gebru @timnitGebru
“There’s a lot to unpack about Jeff Dean firing Timnit Gebru after what appears to have been a substantial amount of time trying to find excuses to push her out of the company, and failing to do so because she was very annoyingly very good at her job, managing a team that seemed to like Dr. Gebru a lot and that collectively consistently published important work.” Read more.

NeurIPS 2020 and the hope for change
“The tension between corporate interests, human rights, ethics, and power could be seen at workshops throughout the week. At the Muslim in AI workshop on Tuesday, participants explored GPT-3’s anti-Muslim bias, as well as the ways AI and IoT devices are used to control and surveil Muslims in China.” Read more.

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