AI Ethics Weekly – May 4: Oh No. Not Again.

AI Ethics Weekly – May 4: Oh No. Not Again.
May 3, 2021 LH3_Admin

Ethics whack-a-mole by big tech & authoritarian governments reminds us that we need to get serious about these transgressions before it’s too late.

If you want to support Diversity & Ethics in AI, you can now fund our work directly at this link.Vivica Fox saying Lets Do This

A Diverse, Inclusive, and Ethical Tech Future is Possible
While many in tech are normalizing the unethical, defending the indefensible, dismissing diverse voices, and profiting from worker exploitation, it’s time to elevate the voices of those fighting this imbalance of power by including more diverse voices and accelerating the development of ethical technologies. Read more. 

On May 25th, Women in AI Ethics™ will bring together multi-disciplinary experts from Mozilla Foundation, Omidyar Network, ACLU, Access Now, DuckDuckGo, Dataiku, and many others building ethical technologies and tools for a diverse, inclusive, and ethical tech future. The wonderful folks at Mozilla will sponsor and host a curated session on ‘Building Trustworthy AI’.

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In solidarity,
Mia Shah-Dand


Fight the Surveillance Nation

Inside Snapchat’s push to make cameras more inclusive
h/t Ayodele (eye-ya-deli) @DataSciBae
“Snap Inc. has launched an initiative to redesign its core camera technology to make it better able to capture a wide range of skin tones, the company tells Axios.” Read more.

King County government must turn its back on facial recognition technology
h/t Jennifer Lee @jennifer_e_lee
“Councilmembers Kohl-Welles, Rod Dembowski and Dave Upthegrove have introduced a new ordinance (2021-0091) prohibiting the acquisition and use of facial recognition technology by any King County administrative office or executive department” Read more.

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