AI Ethics Weekly – May 11: Begin UnGooglify()

AI Ethics Weekly – May 11: Begin UnGooglify()
May 10, 2021 LH3_Admin

More organizations and individuals are shunning Google as employer,  sponsor, and research funder, worsening the reputation hit for the tech giant.

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Black woman gesturing

Black and Queer AI Groups Say They’ll Spurn Google Funding [Paywall]
Khari Johnson @kharijohnson
Three groups focused on increasing diversity in artificial intelligence say they will no longer take funding from Google. In a joint statement released Monday, Black in AI, Queer in AI, and Widening NLP said they acted to protest Google’s treatment of its former ethical AI team leaders Timnit Gebru and Margaret Mitchell, as well as former recruiter April Christina Curley, a Black queer woman.

Apple hires ex-Google AI scientist who resigned after colleagues’ firings
Antonio Vieira Santos #EUSocialSummit21 @AkwyZ
Apple Inc said on Monday it has hired former distinguished Google scientist Samy Bengio, who left the search giant amid turmoil in its artificial intelligence research department.

The NYPD’s Robot Dog Was a Really Bad Idea: Here’s What Went Wrong
Sophie Bushwick @sophiebushwick
“This is just not a very good time for [the NYPD] to have tried this,” says David J. Gunkel, a professor of communication at Northern Illinois University. He notes the department made the move “at a time that we are, as a public, beginning to question what police are doing, how they’re being funded and what those monies are being used for.”

Your Car Is Spying on You, and a CBP Contract Shows the Risks
U.S. Customs and Border Protection purchased technology that vacuums up reams of personal information stored inside cars, according to a federal contract reviewed by The Intercept, illustrating the serious risks in connecting your vehicle and your smartphone.

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